InDesign Styles in Depth DVD cover

InDesign Styles in Depth covers the ins and outs of styles, a time-saving set of features that allows designers to maximize efficiency in InDesign. This course covers text styles, table and cell styles, object styles, and every feature in InDesign that is improved by the use of styles. Author Michael Murphy explores the use of character versus paragraph styles as well as advanced text formatting with nested styles, multi-level lists, table manipulation, cross-references, and creating a table of contents. The course also covers how to map styles upon import and export, whether taking documents to the Web with HTML and CSS, publishing them as EPUBs, or distributing them as PDFs. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics Include:

  • Setting up a style-centric workspace
  • Creating relationships between paragraph styles
  • Using Quick Apply to apply styles
  • Using GREP styles to automate text formatting
  • Connecting paragraphs with Keep Options
  • Creating, applying, and modifying object styles
  • Maintaining links between styled tables and external data
  • Applying styles with Find/Change
  • Working with text variables
  • Resolving missing font problems in styles
  • Mapping Word styles to InDesign styles
  • Export tagging styles for EPUB, HTML, and PDF

Below are some sample movies from the InDesign Styles in Depth. Viewing the full course requires a paid account. For a 24-hour free pass to the Online Training Library, click here.

How to create InDesign paragraph styles

Using Find/Change to search for and apply styles

How to import Microsoft Word files

How to create InDesign TOC styles

How to apply InDesign cell styles

How to create InDesign object styles