From InDesign to HTML

Building a print-to-web workflow

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From InDesign to HTML Video Training Course

Today, nearly all print content is destined for a life beyond ink and paper, whether it’s EPUB, the iPad, or the web. From InDesign CS6 to HTML—a 3-hour video training course on—provides an in-depth look at how InDesign content can be easily and efficiently migrated from your print layout to HTML. The course makes viewers familiar with exactly how InDesign marks up content when exporting to HTML, and how to gain maximum control of the process. With video tutorials and hands-on sample files to work with, the course starts with proper preparation of layout items and styles, then goes step-by-step through the export process for text, lists, tables, images, frames, and other objects. The final product is the successful export of a full layout that’s linked to a customized CSS and calls upon web-based fonts using JavaScript.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How InDesign CS6 writes HTML and CSS
  • How to connect InDesign styles to HTML tags and CSS classes
  • How to control the order of exported content
  • How to Include sidebars, pull quotes, etc. into the HTML text flow
  • How to add working hyperlinks to images and text
  • How to replace InDesign’s CSS with a custom CSS
  • How to generate web-optimized images from print layouts


InDesign and HTML Overview

Taking Advantage of Conditional Text