Top 5 Air Cargo Challenges

Magazine feature and service provider guide—Inbound Logistics

Top 5 Air Cargo Challenges Opening Spread

Opening spread with original vector illustration

In this feature for Inbound Logistics’ annual air cargo issue, the top five challenges facing the industry were broken out and examined one-by-one. A vector illustration was created with a runway in the shape of the number five (above). On the interior pages (below), the color pallet of the illustration was carried through the graphs and sidebars, and each of the five challenges was ornamented with a customized number that also used the runway elements from the opener. Appended to the story was a “who’s who” comparison chart of services offered by airfreight forwarders (bottom), which was designed to be consistent with the feature.

Top 5 Air Cargo Challenges Interior Page

Interior page with graphs and customized runway numbers


Airfreight Forwarding Chart

Comparitive grid of airfreight forwarding companies and their services